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TL Drilling and Completion Performance Consultant Expertise

Our personnel have more than 30 years' experience within the oil and gas industry, of which the last nineteen have been involved in offshore operational performance coaching. By utilising this experience gained in the industry the company can bring the best out in your people which will lead to cost reduction for your organisation.

We can provide facilitation for the following exercises to operators within the Oil and Gas Sector:

Provide Offshore Performance Improvement Consultants
Drill Well on Paper (DWOP - workshop to review the plan ahead of time onshore to ensure there are no show stoppers)
i-DWOP - (Similar to the DWOP but more performance focused using offset data from neighbouring wells)
Complete Well on Paper (CWOP)
After Action Review (AAR)
Hazard Identification Meeting (HAZID)
In-house Performance Engineer Training - 3 day training course specially adapted to train in-house Performance Engineers on tracking and assisting operational performance improvement.

“Plan - Implement – Measure – Learn”

A short outline plan of the ANH training module is as follows:


  • Soft skills presentations along with effective meeting techniques
  • Run through the “How?” and “Why?” of planning meetings
  • How to organise a run a DWOP


  • A day in the life of a Performance Engineer, good practices to have ready prior to the project starting and typical roles and responsibilities of the coach.
  • How the time spent outside is made useful in ensuring the plan is followed and learning’s are properly captured and understood


  • Explanation of the need and best ways to measure.
  • KPI’s and Mini KPI’s.
  • Technical Limit definitions, benchmarking which will include a section on “Why?” and “When?” to normalise depths to enable wells to be compared more accurately.
  • Detailed section on Graphs.
  • Use of an Operational Performance Tracker along with generating Best Composite Well Times (BCWT)


  • Explanation of why and how we learn.
  • Benefits of dedicated AAR meetings and AAR one-to-ones.
  • Correct method for capturing “Lessons Learned” and how to maintain a “Lesson Learned” database. Correct application of database output – graphs etc.
  • Review and discuss “Lessons Learned: flow chart. (Capture – Validate – Manage – Embed – Follow Up - Broadcast)
  • High Performance Work Teams – What they are and their benefits.


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