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Roles and Responsibilities for the Performance Coach

Running the Technical Limit Process (Offshore)

Training is given on how the client will coach the crews on the fundamentals of the TL Process, one to one if possible and ensuring their understanding and and role in making the TL tools, that will be implemented work:

  • Pre Phase
  • AAR
  • Lessons Learned Database

  • Pre Phase
  • AAR
  • Lessons Learned Database
  • Time Tracker
  • Benchmarking
  • Gap Analysis

Attending all pre-tour and safety meetings and TBT’s, developing a TL culture with “buy in” for all meetings with the team and encourage personnel to challenge procedures and programmes are areas that will be covered.

Encouragement to maintain high visibility onboard, develop and use a Performance notice board to highlight performance charts, graphs and lessons learned.

We will advise on how to coach Supervisors on effective meeting techniques and provide feedback regarding lessons and suggestions to originators …

The Plan – Implement – Measure – Learn (PIML) model has been a tried and tested method used by ANH (Scotland) Ltd since the inauguration of the company. However ANH (Scotland) Ltd are a diverse company and the methodology of the process can be changed to facilitate the client’s expectations and requirements.


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