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Roles and Responsibilities for the Performance Coach

Start Up Project (Onshore)

The Performance Coach training course is a structured three day course, unique within the oil and gas industry. The purpose is to make the client familiar with the system they will be using at the rig site to track data (DIMS, DEAP, EDM etc.).

The client is taught how to obtain and become familiar with the PIML model (pan-implement-measure – learn), performance tracking software, ILT identification, KPI’s, Benchmarking, Facilitation of Planning Meetings and AAR’s, Data Manipulation, Gap Analysis and Chart Work etc.

Further key learning points:

Offset data from previous projects shall be analyzed to determine realistic Best Composite Well Times (BCWT) which shall be entered into a project specific Time Tracker. The accurate data will then facilitate realistic gap analysis, which in turn shall assist with improving the performance throughout the operational time scale of the project.


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